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Jason Mar 23, 2015 2781 views

I want to take the SAT Physics subject test. What should I study?

I am currently taking Physics as a junior. I do pretty well in the class. However, I don't know if I should wait until my senior year after I have taken AP Physics or take it this junior year. I have seem the practice questions on the AP central college board website and they seem pretty...

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Jonathan Apr 09, 2015 1298 views

What internships or advisers are available to prepare me to become a computer programmer?

'I am an incoming college freshman student, at CUNY Brooklyn College. I am majoring in Computer Science, and I would love to have advice and opportunities available for me to pursue this dream career.' #science #computer #technology

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Stephen Mar 17, 2015 1483 views

What are some of the career paths/ job opportunities that I will have if I major in Systems and Information Science?

I am a current High School senior, and I am thinking about Majoring in Systems and Information Science #technology #information #information-systems #systems