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Taylor Tunes

Professional Film, Commercial, Voice and Television Actor, Event Director at Victorian Belle, LLC
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
Portland, Oregon
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Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 26, 2019 632 views

How do I become noticeable in the film industry?

#film #television #actors #film-acting #acting

Abbie’s Avatar
Abbie Sep 18, 2019 648 views

Is being an actor a reliable job?

I love to act, sing and dance. Yet I'm also a very goal oriented person and always plan to be successful, I'm just scared I won't have the lifestyle I want if I decide to become an actor. Ive been told time and time again that being an actor isn't a realistic occupation, is this true? #acting...

K’s Avatar
K Jan 09, 2019 660 views

Would taking a theater course help with voice acting?

#acting #art #theatre #theater #voiceactor #voice-actor
I have no experience with acting or voice acting in general. Would it be helpful to take an acting course?