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Camilo May 04, 2019 546 views

What kind of opportunities do you think could come from Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality primarely focuses on gaming, but what about implementing VR to help medical professionals prepare for real operations, helping soldiers prepare for the battlefield, etc. What other opportunities do you think will come from virtual reality as technology advances? #technology...

Axel’s Avatar
Axel Jan 14, 2019 624 views

What does a computer programmer need?

#computer-hardware #technology #programming #technology #computer-science

Clio’s Avatar
Clio May 04, 2019 568 views

Did you ever feel like you had to prove your worth and capabilities in STEM to your peers and/or colleagues? How did you go about doing so?

As a STEM student (civil engineering major), I am constantly reminded about how important it is to stand out from my peers, whether in grades, extracurricular activities/leadership, internships, etc. I feel like going into a STEM education, I've only began realizing how competitive STEM fields...