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Filipe Lemos

Graduate student and researcher
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
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Leslie Oct 03, 2019 516 views

What is the most interesting responsibility you have as a forensic scientist ?


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jose Oct 04, 2019 420 views

Why is it important to talk about and conduct research on careers that interest you now?

i like to eat

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David Oct 25, 2019 414 views

what do you like the most in the job?



Corey’s Avatar
Corey Oct 03, 2019 430 views

Which season is the toughest for a research scientist?

#research #science

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Oct 03, 2019 471 views

What is the most entertaining thing about being a research scientist?

#research #science

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Jyorikka Oct 04, 2019 854 views

What are the most important things i should know about being a mechanical engineer?

I am interested in #mechanical #automotive #mechanical-engineering #engineering due to the fact I am a person who loves to do hands-on work

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Daljeet Oct 12, 2019 543 views

what are the negatives effects of rapid change in technology in mechanical industries?

like robots increases unemployment by replacing man power... #mechanical-engineering