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Katherine P. Jan 11, 2017 533 views

How soon should you pick your major?

I'm a freshman who is majoring in Political Science, but not quite positive that it is the major I want for good. #college-admissions...


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Mireia R. Sep 30, 2017 1058 views

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. #accounting #audit #auditor #auditing #accountant #consulting #tax #taxing #taxation...


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Antonio L. Feb 16 83 views
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Aaliya B. Feb 26 120 views
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Desiree T. Feb 27 85 views

I am always overwhelmed I need help with being calm. What can I do to calm myself

I am a first year college student trying to move out since my home environment isn’t always the best it just adds to my anxiety. It’s quite difficult since I can only have a part time job. #college...