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Aberdeen, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
Dominique’s Avatar
Dominique May 09 189 views

What is the best way to succeed in school ?

What is the best way to succeed well in high school and what to do to be successful

ollie’s Avatar
ollie Aug 04, 2023 238 views

if i plan on becoming a child counselor what are some steps i have to do in order to reach my goal ?

I'm in the Job Corps currently but my end goal is a counselor

Haylie’s Avatar
Haylie Jul 15, 2023 269 views

What study habits should I add and how do I stay motivated?

What should my first step be to create better study habits, while going into the new year? How can I stay motivated this year? Junior year is crazy I heard so I am a bit nervous.

laraine’s Avatar
laraine May 18, 2023 364 views

what should I do after Highschool?

I'm a sophomore and in NJROTC but I'm still not sure of what I should do or aim for after I graduate.

Tony’s Avatar
Tony Oct 03, 2019 529 views

What is the best degree level for bioengineering?

I'm considering a career in bioengineering. From my research, the absolute minimum degree level is a bachelor's degree. If I want to make medical advancements in the field, will a bachelor's suffice, or will I have to look on to a higher degree? #biology #science #degree #medicine...

Tony’s Avatar
Tony Oct 03, 2019 526 views

Bioengineers: how long did it take to find work when you graduated?

I am considering a career in bioengineering, and I'm interested in how long it took graduates to find work in the field.

#science #bioengineering #engineering #biology #stem #career #medicine

Tony’s Avatar
Tony Oct 03, 2019 1010 views

What do bioengineers do on a day-by-day basis?

I'm considering going to college for bioengineering, and I am curious as to what the typical workday looks like for those in the field.

#science #bioengineering #engineering #medicine #biology

Diane’s Avatar
Diane Apr 15, 2018 603 views

Will counseling actually help kids if parents are unwilling to address the foundational issues?

I am entering a masters program to get an MS in Educational Counseling and Preventive Mental Health. But, my concern is that counseling will not help my students because parents and guardians seem to only want a band-aid for the issue. It takes a lot of work and commitment to truly help kids,...

Diane’s Avatar
Diane Apr 15, 2018 557 views

What is the outlook for education as we are experiencing teacher shortages?

I am a teacher in a poor, uneducated county. I am gravely concerned for our education system, especially as people are leaving the field...not entering it. It is so difficult to certified teachers in our areas that almost all schools in our county have people teaching full time, but they are...

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