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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Within 40 mile radius
Anita’s Avatar
Anita Jan 10 1440 views

How can i be the best entrepreneur ?

How can i be the most successful entrepreneur and have my own business that i will run and control and be the number one in town?

Poppy’s Avatar
Poppy Jan 10, 2018 842 views

I am an aspiring fashion designer any advice?

I'm 13 years old (in my second year of high school) and desperately want to be a designer I have started sketching I can hand sew and I've made a couple of tops with my sewing machine and I am hoping to one day move to London and study fashion after I've graduated I'll take any advice about...

Emerald’s Avatar
Emerald Dec 09, 2015 1475 views

Lost looking for careers design houses

EDUCATION I'VE COMPLETED: Western Australia Certificate of Education Governor Stirling Senior High School, 2012 ; Certificate III in Media Completed at Central TAFE, 2012; Certificate II in Music; Completed at Cyril Jackson Senior High School, 2012; Certificate III Business and Certificate...

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