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Roswell, New Mexico

Within 40 mile radius
julia’s Avatar
julia Aug 07, 2019 476 views

How Do I stick with THE Masters Degree When I'm Trying to do 2 Careers at Once

Hi, I'm Julia , I'm Interest in Becoming a Welder/Mechanic.
I Want This career.... I also Need some advice/Motivation . #career #career-choice

isidro’s Avatar
isidro Aug 07, 2019 897 views

What's it like to work in security?

#career-details #navy #police # #law-enforcement #career #security

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 07, 2019 520 views

What is a typical day like in the electrical wiring field?

My name is Jacob. I am a student at Job Corps in Roswell, NM and am interested in joining the electrical wiring trade. I have some questions regarding the jobs I'm heading for.

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora Aug 29, 2018 549 views

When going to college, if i dont make enough money to put into the school to buy the things that i need, and i dont earn many scholarships, plus my parents cant afford, what do i do then?

What are some of my options? #school #money #education #finance #college

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora Aug 29, 2018 570 views

How do I know what college Im going to be happy at?

Im thinking of different colleges such as: New Mexico Military Institute, New Mexico Sate University, Lubbock Christian, Texas Tech . I don't want to go to a college and then waste the money and not like i t there , and want to go somewhere else. What do I do? #colleges #money

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora Aug 29, 2018 581 views

How do you know exactly what you want to major/ go into?

I want to be a social worker but i want to have another second plan how do i know what else i would be interested in? #social-work #student

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Aug 12, 2018 500 views

What is something you can do to be prepared to begin college

Leaving home to go to college can be daunting how can you be confident that you will be fine and what can help you get on your feet #College Life

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi Aug 12, 2018 831 views

How can you not be nervous for a test?

What is something you can do to get over test anxiety and to be confident? #testing

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Jan 31, 2018 753 views

how many years does iof college does it take to become a journalist?

I want to be a journalist.This topic intrigues me because i love to learn alot about my community and let the whole world know about it!#journalism

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