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Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Within 40 mile radius
Gourav’s Avatar
Gourav Sep 03, 2022 1001 views

What exactly do data scientists and data analysts do?

I'm trying to explore these fields and looking for universities in the US that offer these programs

Harsh’s Avatar
Harsh Jun 07, 2019 592 views

Different Between Computer Engineering And Information Technology

I Am Confused In What I select In B.E Between INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) And COMPUTER ENGINEERING.What is Difference Between (IT AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING). #information-technology

Ankit’s Avatar
Ankit Jul 29, 2016 1098 views

which course is better for good future and high income IT or software engineering?

What IT and software engineering mean? #computer-software #it

Vraj’s Avatar
Vraj Aug 02, 2015 1051 views

Which college/stream should i take?

Where should I take admission? Chandubhai patel w institute of technology charusat information technology or ad patel institute of technology computer engineering? One is deemed university and other is affiliated to Gujarat technical university(adit). Please help. What is difference between two...

Nihar’s Avatar
Nihar May 17, 2015 1250 views

what are the areas in mechanical engineering in which a start up can be made?

Like whether its compressors/ turbine/ pumps/ automobiles/ cranes/....etc. #business #management #entrepreneurship #mechanical #startups

Nihar’s Avatar
Nihar Apr 15, 2015 1521 views

I've just joined a company. Its my first job. I want to start my own business as soon as possible. So how much experience is needed to start one's own business?

I want to start my own business. #engineer #mechanical #entrepreneur #virtuoso

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