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Wyatt Q. Sep 12, 2019 91 views

What career should l look into?

I want a career where l can make the world a better place, such as cleaner, healthier, and safer. I am not a math/science kind of person, l strive in social studies and english. I also want a career that could possibly give me a solid platform to run for office one day, but that is a lower...


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Shelby R. Nov 20, 2019 93 views

What is the best state to get job as a lawyer?

I am a senior....


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Nahla O. Mar 20 180 views

How do you gain experience in the legal field as a high school student?

I've been interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer for a while now, but given that it is a fairly expensive and lengthy process, I want to gain exposure to the field to ensure that it is actually something I'm committed to pursuing. I'm especially interested in becoming a public interest...

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Olivia D. May 12 139 views