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Susana Blanco

Sr Director of Risk and Compliance
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Miami, Florida
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Gabe Apr 03, 2020 2281 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

Alora’s Avatar
Alora May 27, 2020 1206 views

Which major should I go for to get my dream job?

I’m starting college in the fall and I’m going for a double major. My end goal is to help find sex trafficking victims online. I’m not interested or capable of doing field work. I’ll be going for computer sciences but I can’t decide if social work or criminal justice would be the right way to...