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Stella H. May 18, 2018 327 views

How has the aerospace engineering job changed over time/since it started?

I am a Swedish student researching about aerospace engineering, as I would like to work with that as I grow up. #aerospace #engineering...


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Samuel S. Sep 05, 2018 268 views

What are the strains put on you as an aerospace engineer?

I'm an 8th grade student going back and forth between a biomechanical engineer and an aerospace engineer, and I'm leaning more on the aerospace side. After looking through the different job requirements and such, the deciding factor for me will be what the strains are for each job....

#aerospace-engineering #aeronautics #engineer #aerospace #mechanical

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alyziah S. Mar 17, 2019 367 views

What are the benefits and drawbacks of an Aerospace Engineer

I might be interested in pursuing an aerospace engineering job #aerospace-engineering #engineering...