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Ingrid Feb 08, 2022 215 views

What school would be the best option for me if I would like to be a journalist?

I am interested in journalism, and I am curious which school would be best for this career. I would like this college to be in or near Minnesota because I would like to stay close to home. I have always been curious about what it would be like to be a journalist, so I think it will be good to...

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Harry May 17, 2020 535 views

What's the best way to afford college without getting in too much debt?

#college #money

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Dayanna Jun 02, 2020 422 views

What kind of volunteer and internship work should I do if I'm pursuing a career in childhood education focused in the arts?

I'm about to be a sophomore in college, and I am majoring in Childhood Education Arts BS. #college #education

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Audrey Jun 18, 2020 1455 views

I am 15 years old and I feel like I should have some idea of what I should do or be in the future. I feel like I am not good at anything. Any ideas on how I should figure out?

I am 15, I make good grades (4.6 gpa), im in all honors and AP courses, im athletic, im tall and skinny, i play travel sports all year round, I was a spirit leader last year, im full of energy, i have adhd, i am nervous about presenting in large crowds but i can talk to large crowds, i take...