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Yulisa’s Avatar
Yulisa Jul 31, 2020 628 views

What jobs offer computer science in Texas?

I was wondering what jobs will there be once I am done with college. I was hoping something big like apple for example.

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Jul 27, 2020 938 views

How to determine which engineering major is right for you?

Hi, I’m currently a rising senior in high school and will most likely pursue engineering in college. However, I’m still struggling to figure out which engineering major is right for me. I’ve been considering electrical or chemical engineering but I’m still unsure.
#college #majors #engineering

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra May 19, 2020 995 views

How and when is it appropriate to ask a professor to be a reference for you?

#college # #university #pro #professor #coll #college-advice

Andreus’s Avatar
Andreus Jun 19, 2020 583 views

Is it comfortable to live on a salary of a mechanical engineer?

Well I am about to go into the 11th grade and I believe that I have my mind set on the career that I am going into but one thing that I may want to know is what are the best steps in becoming a successful mechanical engineer and what other jobs may be somewhat similar so that I could put in the...

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jul 16, 2020 909 views

What are the job prospects for an Industrial Design?

#design #career

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 14, 2020 13236 views

What is your favorite thing about working for the company?

#business #information-technology