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Lindsay Jan 16, 2018 561 views

Do you have to already have computer knowledge to major in computer science?

I don’t know very much about computers and technology, but I’m willing to learn. Technology is such a pivotal part of our society today and careers in that area are probably going to be in demand. I’m genuinely interested in this field, but am just lacking any prior knowledge/experience. Would...

Alexandru’s Avatar
Alexandru Jan 19, 2018 509 views

Is it really important to know Java if you want to major in Computer Science/Programming?

I'm studying Java in my Compter Science class and I find it really confusing... #computerscience

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Jan 16, 2018 678 views

What kind of jobs can I pursue with a degree in Computer Science?

I am a female high school senior who has a passion for technology. I love computers and learning everything about it. I've decided to major in computer science but I don't exactly know what jobs there are to offer once I achieve that degree. #technology #computerscience #information-technology...

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Jan 23, 2018 638 views

Will computer science and learning java be essential in the next 5 years?

I am taking computer science now at my high school, and I have been told that it is a very necessary skill. How important is this skill? #technology #coding #computerscience

sam’s Avatar
sam Mar 09, 2016 1031 views

I am doing a school project and i need to interview a computer scientist.

Please help me out if you know or are a computer scientist please ask them to answer these questions or answer these if you are a computer scientist thanks for your help. 1. What is your description of the job? 2. What advice would you give me for this career? 3. What encouraged you to do...