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Salvador Apr 30, 2019 649 views

Is being a microbiologist stressful?

Is it worth it? #medical-school

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Karoline Jul 23, 2020 408 views

what is the best school to go to if you want to be PA?

#majors #school

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Sylvia Jul 30, 2020 390 views

What high school classes should someone take if they are interested in pursuing medicine?

#high-school-classes #JULY20

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Jessica Jul 29, 2020 469 views

What type of biomedical engineer makes the most money?


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Adrian Jul 29, 2020 419 views

I am attending a new school as a transfer students. This change and adopting to this new enviornment is not without its growing pains. What are places and things you did to feel home as soon as possible?

incoming college junior #JULY20

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Jessica Jul 29, 2020 378 views

Which university is best for biomedical engineering?