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Mark Sawa

Retired Peace Officer, current Trainer and Consultant
Law Enforcement
Austin, Texas
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Chassity Jun 24, 2021 351 views

What are some more specific fields that I can do becoming a K9 police officer?

I am a hard-working dedicated student that enjoys the world of Criminal Justice. I always loved learning about crime and how I can use my critical thinking to help solve different crimes. I enjoy learning about detective work alongside pursuing a career related to becoming a K9 police officer....

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Jun 06, 2021 372 views

How do I become a homicide detective?

Specifically, I'd like to work in Austria, so if you have advice for that, that'd be great, but the general European regulation and requirements would suffice too. I've always been interested in crime and detective work, and I'd love to be a homicide detective. Would I have to be a police...

Joel’s Avatar
Joel Nov 05, 2020 361 views

what did you wish you knew before going into SWAT

#government #law-enforcement #criminal-justice #career