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Martin’s Avatar
Martin May 30, 2017 877 views

Are there any good colleges for Film or Photography in the West Coast

I am aiming for a degree in Photography or Film, and I want to know if there are any colleges in the western coast of the United States and even Canada. #film #photography #digital-photography

amiyah’s Avatar
amiyah May 30, 2017 836 views

I love phot and want to incorporate it into my major that I choose in college, but I feel stuck by how much money it makes.

I don't wanting to do anything that isn't something I love if I'm going to be doing it for the rest of my career. #career #photography

Y.’s Avatar
Y. May 30, 2017 722 views

What would you suggest would be a good college to pursue the career as a photographer?

I want to major in photography. I'm having difficulties finding a good enough college to help me be able to learn about photography. I've always been interested in photography and stories behind every picture. #photography

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 10, 2017 1042 views

What degree do I have to have to be a professional photographer?

My uncle is a professional Photographer so he is helping me as well. #photography

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Jan 09, 2017 1002 views

What school would teach me about photography?

I was wondering what college would teach me about photography? #college #photography

Myan’s Avatar
Myan Oct 20, 2016 944 views

What career would be right for me?

I am in college but is still indecisive since I'm currently doing pre-nursing but my interests are more about aesthetics in art, photography, and photo editing or something around that. As you see those things don't match up. What career would be good for me? P.S I don't want to be a graduate...

Gibson ’s Avatar
Gibson Oct 11, 2016 1138 views

What is the key to becoming a successful photographer?

I would like to work for National Geographic or any kind of photojournalism company, but I'm unsure of how to get into such a business or where to start. How much experience do I need to work for a company such as National Geographic? #photography #digital-photography #photojournalism

Terrance’s Avatar
Terrance Aug 27, 2016 1462 views

Just how helpful is a second language really?

Everyone knows about being a translator but this is overrated,plain and old news. What kind of interesting and worth while things are there.

#business #art #fashion #photography #entertainment #linguistics #martial-arts #landscape-architecture

Imani’s Avatar
Imani May 05, 2016 865 views

How do i become a photographer

I'm intrested in this job #photography

Ziquilla’s Avatar
Ziquilla May 04, 2016 1040 views

Is being a director as fun as being in the production.?

Is being a director fun? #photography #movies