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Cheryl Frank

Specialist in Fund Statistics Group at PIMCO
Irvine, California
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Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Apr 04, 2017 1656 views

What exactly is a Mortgage?

Hi, This question may not apply to my life currently seeing how I am a student who does not own any property or a home. But I am still curious to know what exactly a Mortgage is because I think it will be useful to understand in the future. Thanks allot! #college #finance #education #home...

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Feb 24, 2017 1126 views

What is a Roth IRA?

Please explain what it it, why it is used, and compare it to other similar but different methods #investment-management #investing #saving #taxation #income-tax

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Mar 16, 2016 2010 views

Does every investment manager have their CPA certification?

Do you get paid better because of it? What services can you provide that you otherwise could not without a CPA? #finance #accounting #financial-services #investment-management #investing #cpa

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Mar 14, 2016 1630 views

Should I reconsider a career in the financial industry because I'm a girl?

I notice that the majority of people working in finance that I know of are men. Is there a reason for this? Should I reconsider my career goal? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 10, 2016 3117 views

What kinds of extra curricular activities and/or jobs or internships do you recommend I get while in college to best prepare for a career in investment management?

I want to be sure that I'm doing everything I can in college to make sure I get a job right after graduation. What are some things I should be aware of and prepare for to be sure I don't fall behind the competition? #college #finance #internships #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Joannacodman2’s Avatar
Joannacodman2 Sep 07, 2012 3073 views

Where can I learn more about investment-banking ?

i an in 10th grade and i am trying to find out more ways to learn about being an investment-banker and i would like to find out more ways to learn. #finance #investment-banking

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Mar 10, 2016 1174 views

Do you work against strict deadlines in investment managment? How do you handle that kind of stress?

I work well when I don't have a strict deadline. I get way too anxious when I have to have something done by a specific time so I'm afraid I'm not cut out for a career in investment management. Can you share how often you are working on a deadline and how important those deadlines are in your...