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Viha Vishwanathan

Dallas, Texas
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Ari Mar 19 145 views

What should I major in art or business?

I am stuck between two majors finance and animation. I also want to double major in CS. I love art and it is more of an impulsive decision than business it makes more sense because I want to go into the mortgage industry.

ina’s Avatar
ina Mar 17 53 views

How did you sponsor your art business?

I want to be an artists and just create whatever I want and sell it. Id like to know how to get started

kameron’s Avatar
kameron Nov 13, 2020 232 views

What school do you think is good

I play sports and I can rap #music

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Nov 13, 2020 420 views

How to become a Male Model?

Modeling is my second dream i must follow. #modeling #media #social-media

Noe’s Avatar
Noe Nov 06, 2020 283 views

Do you think I should consider going into Harvard for my college?

Harvard seems like a very hard school to get into.So what are my chances of getting into that very prestigious college. #school