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The Giver
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Nancy Apr 20, 2020 1824 views

What company is doing remotely work?

I'm a college student and I work in school, even though they don't pay me that good. It enough to buy some snacks and it helps me pay some part of my tuition. Since my University shutdown and we're doing online classes, I can't afford to pay the rest of my fall semester class. I'm looking for...

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Abelardo Feb 26, 2021 713 views

Best consulting firms to work?

I am interested in the consulting industry. Which firms are the best and more inclusive? #working #work #work-life-balance

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Jackie Feb 21, 2017 994 views

How often does one relocate for jobs?

I was told that with the poor job market, it is common for people to move to where jobs are available, rather than looking for jobs near their current location. Is this true? #college #career #job #relocation

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Taliah Mar 30, 2021 523 views

What's the best way to find a job after college?

I know for the first few years of my career I would want to work at an Accounting firm or in a stable position as a accountant for a company. #career #career-counseling #working #jobs #job