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Suki Mar 19, 2015 1306 views

How do computer science majors differ?

I'm a High school student and will be looking at colleges soon. I am looking at colleges and they all have many majors about computer science that seem to be the same. #professor #technology #professional

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Emily Oct 04, 2013 51000 views

What are other careers like architecture?

Hi, I am interested in architecture. I love the idea of building things that people can experience. But I heard that architecture is a very difficult career to get into, so can you please help me think of other careers that I might like? Here are some things about me: I'm in ninth grade, my...

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Marquis Sep 30, 2013 18764 views

Can I get a job at a video game company from high school without going to college?

I heard that video game companies hire people from high school, and you can still be a success. Is that true? What do they do? I don't know how to make games yet, but I would be willing to learn. Also if there are other jobs that I can get from high school that aren't making the games, but are...

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Anthony Oct 01, 2013 120432 views

What's the difference between a computer programmer and a software engineer?

Some people say I should be a programmer, but I can't figure out the difference from a software engineer. Please help. #engineer #computer #software #programming