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James Huffman

Product Manager at Zynga
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John Sep 03, 2015 1902 views

I am considering my options for a career out of college, and I am looking at a career in computers, gaming design, or computer security. I would like help in knowing what steps I can take out of high school.

I am a senior in high school, and I am looking for a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out. I know this a tough topic to answer but I need some arrow to follow. A career in computers, game design, security, or something to...

Jose Luis’s Avatar
Jose Luis Mar 23, 2015 1990 views

What career choices are there for someone who is looking for a job in psychology, but is also interested in computer engineering and social media?

I'm asking because I want to know if there's a profession out there that involves all these things I'm interested in. I like hands on things and working with people, but I also like technology. #psychology #computer-engineering #social-work #computer-engineer #online-media

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Robert Oct 01, 2013 3313 views

Do you really use math in your job?

For people who work with computers, did your highschool math class really teach you anything that you use in your job? Sometimes math class is okay, but most of the time its just really really really boring. Do I even need to know this stuff? Sometimes I get the work, but some of the really...