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Mohamed’s Avatar
Mohamed Jun 30, 2021 783 views

How can I choose what to study in college?

I am an igcse student, and I still don't know what to study in college. I am not drawn to anything. Basically I like all my subjects and I score the same grade in all of them #college-advice #college #student

Rakim’s Avatar
Rakim Jun 29, 2021 431 views

What is the easiest yet most efficient way of planning a career

I like drawing and art #art

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Oct 19, 2016 609 views

What type of degree works with innovating and creating robotics systems?

I am very interested in turning dream technology into reality. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #electro-mechanical

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Jun 23, 2021 617 views

What are some of the challenges of becoming a data scientist?

I am a student who has passion for STEM. I am struggling to figure out which career path I belong to. I want a profession that is not boring and something I will love. I think I want to become a data scientist. #stem #technology

Francheska’s Avatar
Francheska Jun 27, 2021 490 views

How do you use a telescope?

#Women-in-science #Women-in-astronomy #Science #Astronomy #Telescope

Shania’s Avatar
Shania Jun 27, 2021 583 views

How to find a career that you'll be happy with, instead of going into a field that you never desired?

#career #career-choice #career-path #career-counseling