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Jayda Jun 28, 2021 642 views

What do I need to become a music artist?

I like writing music and playing instruments. I enjoy singing and rapping. I listen to a wide variety of artists in different genres. #music-industry

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Lakshay Jun 26, 2021 707 views

How to become a entrepreneur?


Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Jun 26, 2021 592 views

How do I begin to narrow down my interest in order to choose a career path?

I'm a rising college student that is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability, although I'm not sure I will remain with this major. I feel clueless as I don't have any passion for a career, and I don't see how I can turn my interests into a career or livelihood. #college #undecided...

tanaishah’s Avatar
tanaishah Jun 25, 2021 500 views

How do I get better at recording?

I am an artist I like to draw I also can sing and I write my own songs I play video games that interest me I started recording on YouTube and Instagram I like to do things that make me happy, for my entertainment and I want to grasp more with my talent and also I want to have a business...

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Layla Jun 28, 2021 900 views

What jobs are hiring?

#job #career