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Mauricio Jun 11, 2020 2125 views

I am a finance major, and i would like to know what the starting salary for a financer is.

#finance #accounting

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Alexia Jun 09, 2021 1127 views

What should I do if I want to become a financial analyst?

I like math. I’m interested in majoring in Accounting or finance/ business.

#Profit #business

Terrence’s Avatar
Terrence Jun 25, 2021 1779 views

Does pursuing a mathematics degree make sense for data analytics and or finance?

I am typically fascinated by mathematics as a whole and I am vaguely interested in data analytics or finance. I do plan on learning more on my own about both careers but I want to hear from other professionals if getting a mathematics degree is worth the time investment for either those two...

christopher’s Avatar
christopher Aug 31, 2021 520 views

if i get injured will there be any companies that will offer benefits in the united states

im looking for a good company to work with. #hvac #business’s Avatar Aug 04, 2021 743 views

What age is it best to start a business.

Hi I'm 14 in the 10th grade.
My name is Aiyana. #business #business-development #marketing #entrepreneur #finance