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Miranda Goodall

UI Designer
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Houston, Texas
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Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Sep 10, 2021 659 views

What is the best major to go in for this career?

Wanting to go into photography but still keeping an open mind about what I want to do.
#Photography #college-major #career #undecided

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 06, 2021 562 views

What job would be the best for someone interested in digital art?

#deisgn #photoshop # #graphic-design #digital-art

Ranjit’s Avatar
Ranjit Oct 03, 2021 1468 views

How to create an attractive portfolio as a UI/UX designer?

I'm thinking of pursuing a career in UI/UX designing and right now I am finding an internship. But I have no idea how to start with my portfolio.
#internship #design #graphic-design

Yvania’s Avatar
Yvania Mar 12, 2021 471 views

what is the best way to learn camera skills?

I'm a visual learner #general

anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 491 views

What classes do I take for photography?


Malik’s Avatar
Malik Jun 28, 2021 566 views

What steps can I take to excel in design?

I'm very creative and use imagery to get a bigger message across #graphic-design

anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 536 views

Where do I start to become a Photographer?

#photography #graphic-design

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Nov 08, 2021 1222 views

What should you major in if you are interested in video editing and graphic design.

#graphic-designer #graphic-design #video-editing #editing