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Morgan Swain-Sears

Mental Health Counselor
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Izabela Jun 07, 2022 411 views

I'm currently in high school, but I have an interest in Psychology right now and I am wondering what it would entail if I want to pursue that in University and after that?

I enjoy the psychology class I am in right now and I like the idea of pursuing something in that area but I am not sure what to really do now. I should probably take a psychology class at University but I don't know what else there is and how to look at using that for my future.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 07, 2022 166 views

What can I do to create a personal brand that is cohesive and narrow, but still captures who I am?

I have a lot of different interests and hobbies. I would like my personal brand to reflect these parts of myself, but how to I make all these aspects fit together.?