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Student at BYU-Idaho
Rexburg, Idaho
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Anders May 19, 2016 1448 views

What are the best things to help me discover my passion and career path?

I struggled quite a bit throughout high school and college to find my passion. Not until my senior year in college did I realize that I didn't want to pursue the major I was in any longer. #college #college-major #career-paths #academic-advising #passions

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Anders May 19, 2016 2291 views

What are some good backup careers in the case that I'm not accepted into medical school after the 1st or 2nd try?

I haven't always been the best student academically and have heard it's a good idea to have a backup for medical school. I am most interested in Neurology/Neuroimaging but any other suggestions are welcomed. #career #medicine #career-paths #medicine-school #careers #neurology #career-change...

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Anders May 19, 2016 811 views

What extracurricular experiences (beyond academics) do you believe were most beneficial in helping you prepare for and enter medical school?

I plan to apply for medical schools within the next 2 years and am curious as to what has been most helpful for others (in their personal opinion) to gain acceptance. I often hear that while grades and honors are important, there are many other things that admissions committees look for in an...