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Floyd Runyeard

Alton, England, United Kingdom
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Ani Oct 10, 2022 299 views

What is it like to be a full time barista?

Working in a small café making drinks and pastries all day is very enticing to me, but I have no idea what that entails.

brody’s Avatar
brody Oct 06, 2022 458 views

what are 5-10 specific things you do as a photonics engineer?

I've been looking into many engineering paths and one that interests me is photonics, and i was wondering what are some things/projects that you work with on a daily basis. Also do you work independently or with a team.

Yarely’s Avatar
Yarely Oct 04, 2022 312 views

How does an everyday look like being a cosmetologist ?

I want to be a cosmetologist because i would love to do nails and have that skills and have a degree in it.
I would want to go to a community college so i can learn those skills then try and have my own business.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Oct 10, 2022 365 views

What's it like getting an Information Technology degree?

How is it different from computer science, or management systems? Also, what would you be studying?