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Hannah Dec 13, 2022 167 views

I am stuck between three careers. How do I choose the right career path for me?

The three careers I am interested in are being an Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, and a CRNA. If I choose to be an Anesthesiologist, what are some things I need to be aware of? Also, what's the biggest difference between being an Anesthesiologist and being a CRNA? What are some...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Nov 10, 2022 318 views

Beginning neurosurgery?

What should I be doing as High School student to begin my career in healthcare, and what are some of the opportunities I can take to further my knowledge in the field?

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surekha May 12, 2016 781 views

How do I become a lab technician?

I completed lab technician #laboratory #lab-technician

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Onyinye May 23, 2016 1025 views

Can I use my BS in Biology when I graduate to work as a forensic tech? If so, what hard and soft skills are required?

I want to work while attending graduate school for Crime Scene Investigation. I am currently taking organic chemistry where I will be learning about the GC mass spectrometer. I also have other laboratory skills I have learned in college. #career #biology #career-counseling #forensic #laboratory...

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Linh Oct 31, 2022 304 views

Healthcare jobs with work life balance?

What are some healthcare jobs with good personal and work life balance?