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Avery Jun 04, 2023 607 views

I'm getting trash talked at work, what do I do??

(TLDR at the end, but I would recommend you actually read the whole thing.) I'm 15 and I work with some other teenagers so my mom said it was normal im getting trash talked since. yknow. they're teens. But it's not the teens that i'm having a problem with, It's the literal grown adults. I...

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Avery May 22, 2023 275 views

How can I study for my drivers license?

I know this doesn't really relate to jobs or anything, but I really need to prepare because my parents are pressuring me to get my license by 16 lol

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Avery May 22, 2023 567 views

As a 15 year old, how do you write a resume?

I have no job experience, a lot of volunteer experience but I don't know how to provide proof, and no government ID. Am I at a loss??

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Avery May 12, 2023 2978 views

Can I say i'm 16 instead of 15 when i'm applying for a job that says 16+?

A skateboard/retail shop is currently hiring and I've been thinking of working here ever since I turned 15 since I know how to skate. I would love to have an opportunity there, but i'm 1 year under the age requirement. I'm willing to take the risk of getting in trouble, but the question is if I...

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Avery May 11, 2023 441 views

Should I have a resume at 15 when applying for jobs? Or do I not have to worry about that until i'm older.

I'm not trying to apply for any specific job currently, but I would just like to know in general since i'll soon be looking for a way to make money during the summer.