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Armine Apr 28, 2023 934 views

When is CPA mandatory?

Do I have to get a CPA certificate to work as an accountant? Are ACCA and CPA certificates interchangeable?

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jun 08, 2023 828 views

Tips for a High schooler hoping to be a Veterinarian

What are some tips as well as pros and cons for people who want to pursue a Veterinarian Career? I'm still in highschool (a rising senior)and wanted some advice on if this is a good career and worth all of the years of schooling.

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 12, 2023 286 views

How much dose a starting accounting make?

I’m just wondering how much a starter account makes.I have seen on indeed that most starting accounts make around 60,000- and 65,000 a year and just trying to see if that’s true or not

Tyriq’s Avatar
Tyriq May 09, 2023 739 views

Discuss the pros and cons of being an Accountant?

Tyriq, age 19