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Carly Jul 05, 2023 419 views

What are the best schools for law. I am a sophomore going into my junior year, and I need advice on what colleges I should look into. I also wanted to ask if the University of Chicago is a good school for law and if I should go there because they have been contacting me for a while now.?

Should I email the colleges I am interested in and reach out to their admissions offices early. Also how can I earn scholarships easier. I do online school right now and plan to go back to actual school this coming school year.

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Ryan Jul 03, 2023 227 views

How to become a criminal lawyer?

I am trying to become a lawyer, Help me in my journey

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Brooklyn Jul 02, 2023 468 views

How much demand is there for a lawyer?

I have been thinking about career options lately and one job that i have been interested in is a lawyer (specifically criminal defense but im not sure yet), but I have been told that there is not much demand for lawyers and that it could be difficult to find a well paying job in my area.