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Eleanor Jun 20, 2023 383 views

How do I know what my strengths are and how to apply them to a future career?

I have a lot of different interests that don’t always fit together and I don’t know how to determine which ones I should pursue.

Carlee’s Avatar
Carlee Jun 27, 2023 346 views

How do you know the right career path for you?

I need help

Marshana’s Avatar
Marshana Aug 09, 2023 1467 views

Is it hard working and going to college at the same time ?

I don’t have a very financially stable family and once i go to college i plan on doing a lot more independently

divya’s Avatar
divya Aug 15, 2023 341 views

why do our careers end up bein different in the future

Why do careers sometimes end up being different in our futures even though we try to reach a specific one?

Skylyn’s Avatar
Skylyn Aug 15, 2023 318 views

How can I best manage my time when I'm busy with so many different things?

I'm entering my senior year and I'm worried about balancing all the different things on my plate. I need to focus on college applications and my school work but I'm also interested in joining clubs and playing sports. On top of this, I will probably be working. How can I manage all these...