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Khushboo Khatri

Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Karol Sep 15 98 views

How do I make good college applications ?

How do I make a good college essay

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Allison Sep 16 76 views

How far did you go into your degree and was it difficult?

I want to go all way to get my doctorate but I am nervous about the work that comes with it.

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Bishes Sep 19 137 views

How can I choose which career path I want to go with?

I just started high school, and I have no idea what I want to do after senior year. How can I choose which career I want to pursue while here in high school?

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Shawn Sep 19 175 views

What if i cant find a career that fits me?

What if i cant fined a carrer path before the end of highschool and i dont know what to do in life. Should i go to college for more education and time to see