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Kahtrice Sep 17 123 views

What college is good for open heart surgeon?

How do I figure out what college I want to go to /or if I should even go I was to be an open heart surgeon so what is the best school to go to for ope heart surgeons? Like I have books to study for open heart surgeons I just need a perfect school

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 20 251 views

How do I pick what to major in, when I have multiple different interests?

I am interested in many different work forces, but I am unsure which will be the best for me. I really like cooking, fashion, and medical work, but I don't know which to pursue.

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Sep 20 110 views

How do will I know what major is perfect for me?

I know I want to work with kids I just don't know what major would give me the best experience

Mahagonie’s Avatar
Mahagonie Sep 20 247 views

What are some college studying tips?

What are some college studying and time management tips? Also is it true that all the assignments and tests that you’ll have are in your student handbook?