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Jaime Davey

Financial Controls Consultant
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Cocoa, Florida
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isabel Aug 05 96 views

How do you prepare yourself for applying for college out of state?

I am a rising junior and I am so nervous for applying to colleges out of state but what is important to get recognition for out of school colleges?

Giavonna’s Avatar
Giavonna Aug 26 236 views

How to make sure you will be financially stable?

Do you need to finish high school to be
financially stable? Or would getting your GED make you equally as successful and stable in the future? How long would just getting your ged take

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Aug 29 191 views

What are some jobs you can get with a degree in mechanical engineering??

If I go through with my current plans of being a mechanical engineering major in college then Im not quite sure what jobs would be available to me or which jobs would even be worth pursuing.

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Sep 16 218 views

What should I do after graduating high school?

I have no idea if I should go to college after I graduate high school. I have some college credits through dual enrollment, with one of them being an intro to engineering credit. I enjoy engineering and programming but I also love music and art. The biggest part of my decision right now is...