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Rohit’s Avatar
Rohit Jun 20, 2016 973 views

What are the options in Journalism?

I am a class 10 student, want to work as a Journalist in future. #journalism #sports-journalism #online-journalism #science-journalism #long-form-journalism

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jan 19, 2012 7756 views

What steps did you take in high school to start your journalism career?

I am Alex Torres, a 16 year old junior who is eager to start my sports journalism career. I always wanted to be a sports journalist because of my passion for sports and willing to start taking the necessary steps to start my writing career #sports #journalism

Cailon’s Avatar
Cailon Aug 19, 2016 1037 views

Is it a must to speak a foreign language in order to be a sport analyst and be in the broadcasting industry?

I am asking this question because I want to be a sports analyst and radio and television broadcaster. #sports #broadcast-media #sports-media #broadcast-television #broadcast #radio-broadcasting

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Aug 16, 2016 3273 views

When pursuing a career in Journalism or Communications, is it necessary to get a Master Degree?

Many careers require many years of education. I was just wondering if having a Master Degree benefits you significantly in Journalism like in other fields or is graduate school for Journalism just a financial burden? #communications #entertainment #broadcast-journalism #magazines

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine May 08, 2016 7097 views

I want to work in the communications field but I am shy and not very talkative ,what should I do?

I want to work in the communications field but I am shy and not very talkative what should I do. I wanted to be a reporter but I'm having second thoughts due to my shyness. #broadcast-media