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Kina Teow

Tax Consultant II
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Adedotun May 03 165 views

Why should I study accountant?

What are the requirement for to be a chartered and professional accountant

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Alex May 03 257 views

What job would fit best for me?

I work best in an environment with a relaxed space, I enjoy helping others, and I need time flexibility. What are some jobs that might be the right fit for me?

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Carter Apr 30 461 views

Why business?

Why should I be interested in business? I feel as if I am interested but I don't know how to get started. Any tips will help, I am a very young age and may require help from my legal guardian.

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Ruqia Mar 22 429 views

How can I get a remote accounting job in USA while living outside ?

Can I get a remote accounting job in USA, while residing outside

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Marcelo Mar 22 652 views

What did you minor in when studying for your accounting degree?

16 year old student looking for advice to become an accountant.

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Eithan Mar 10 638 views

i am 14 years old i want to learn new skills any advices?

i am 14 years old i want to learn new skills any advices?

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Ricardo Jan 25, 2018 631 views

How do I get in the mindset of working out?

Everyone knows of the freshman 15, and I don't want to fall into that trap. What can I do to prevent that from happening, and also create some sort of workout to actually follow? This way I will stay healthy. #workout #health #freshman15