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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to start preparing for my future career as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.


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Adrian Feb 21 569 views

What is the extent of math I would need to know for a technology related job?

I know that it probably would vary significantly depending on which job it is exactly, but I just would like an idea of the extent of math I would need to be doing on a regular basis while working in the future. I am in 10th grade and wondering what classes would be good for me to take to...

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Adrian Feb 21 599 views

How do I get started learning about technology?

Im in 10th grade. I am a beginner in this and open to taking summer classes. I think i would do better learning with a teacher/tutor rather watching videos on my own, but I will also try that, just wondering where I should start first!

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Adrian Feb 16 498 views

How can I start preparing for a computer software related job without taking in school classes?

I am 16 in 10th grade with little experience with computer software and coding things. I picked this career path because my dad has a company related to this. This career also interests me, because I like using technology and look forward to actually being able to understand it and create a...