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San Francisco, California
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I wanted to be an investment banker and work in Wall St



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Yuren Mar 27 582 views

How many year of experience a person need to be working at wall st?

I wanted to do stocks when I grow up.

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Yuren Mar 27 447 views

How much money will I earn after I graduate from top business school?

I want to major in business at college and want to known how much I make.

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Yuren Mar 01 774 views

What degrees do you need to go into this business field?

I was wondering is having a degree better before entering the business field

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Yuren Mar 01 517 views

How much money do they make in the business field?

I wanted to major in business, but I don't know how much they make?

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Yuren Mar 01 508 views

What does it take for someone to go into the business field?

I am a high schooler and I wanted be to in the business felid, but don't know what is needed?