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San Francisco, California
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Alexis Mar 27 313 views

Are you happy with your career choice/path? Would you have chosen differently?

I want to know if people regret what they are doing for their jobs in life.

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Alexis Mar 27 229 views

How long did your student debt take to pay off?

I know it depends on what you did but I want to get a reference of how long it'll take!

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Alexis Mar 01 329 views

Is taking AP classes in high school worth doing a lot of extra work?

I feel like I need to take AP, but I hate committing to doing a lot of work!

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Alexis Mar 01 674 views

How was the college experience, was it worth it, and was it fun?

I know I wanna go to college, but I don't know if it's completely worth the money.

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Alexis Mar 01 250 views

How do you find out what you wanna do in life, if your struggling?

I feel like I always change my mind on what I wanna do!