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San Francisco, California
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I want to be a historian that researches about the world covered in layers of unknown.



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Jolin Mar 27 339 views

How much money does an accountant earn after working for a decade?

I am debating this career choice, but I want to make sure there is a future in this field.

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Jolin Mar 27 238 views

How long does it take to pay off college debt after you take out loans?

I am not sure about what to do after college. Should I transfer after going to city college for two years?

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Jolin Feb 28 447 views

Are there any programs or games that I can practice on to improve my editing skills?

I am currently learning how to use Premiere Pro, but I want to do learn while creating projects that look good.

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Jolin Feb 28 137 views

What type of jobs are there available with an archeology degree in the world?

I'm thinking of pursuing history, but I am. concerned about what jobs I would be doing in the future.