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Physical Therapist
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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Kamden Apr 24 172 views

When I graduate, I plan on going into sports medicine, how do I ensure that I get the best education. I want the best possible education on sports medicine so that the people I care for get the best care possible

I want to go to the University of Southern Mississippi, since it’s close to home and I want to help the people in my area.

Leon’s Avatar
Leon Apr 09 386 views

What are the average day to day duties of a physical therapist/physical therapy aide?

I am currently working on a Health Science major with a concentration in physical therapy. I would like to further understand the responsibilities of professionals who work in physical therapy.

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Mar 07 262 views

How much would I be making if I do Physical Therapy and are their other types of Physical Therapy that could be more interesting ?

I still am not sure if I want to do PT.

Colten’s Avatar
Colten Mar 25 447 views

What is the best path to take to become a Physical Therapist? What classes should I take now?

I want a high-paying job as a physical therapist, but I don't know how to get there. It would be very helpful to know what kind of college I should attend.

Colten’s Avatar
Colten Mar 22 246 views

If you are a physical therapist or were one, what was it like Where did you work, and how long did you work for?

I am also interested in what education you got to receive the job.

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Mar 18 321 views

Does being an Athletic Trainer take lots of work and study?

Highschool Student

Demetra’s Avatar
Demetra Mar 13 472 views

What is the starting salary for physical therapy?

I am a junior in high school and my favorite classes are english and science. I'd love to be able to help people with their injuries because I have experience with having to go through physical therapy after a sports related injury.