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Ritika Das

Client Tech Supt Associate at Dell
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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Lydia Oct 26, 2016 945 views

What are some tips to getting through med school?

I am currently in high school and am interested in the becoming an MD one day. The thought of medical school frightens me and I was wondering what kind of tips there are for getting into and through medical school. I am very interested in surgery (cardiothoracic and general). #medicine...

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Oct 26, 2016 1090 views

What is the best advice you have for someone going into the Environmental Science field?

I would like to major in environmental science, and love hearing input from professionals about the field. #science #environmental-science #environmental-services

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie May 20, 2016 931 views

what is the best advice for someone who is about to start a nursing program?

Hi my name is Stephanie and I will be starting a nursing program in fall. #nursing #nurse #nursing-education #neonatal

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Oct 26, 2016 5850 views

What year should you start internships for a Computer Science major?

What year in school should you start looking for internships? #computer-science