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Jake’s Avatar
Jake May 17, 2016 5958 views

I would like to combine psychology, political science, and international relations into a bachelors degree. What are the career prospects?

I am very interested in all of these fields and would like to use them together to make the world a more peaceful place. #college #career #psychology #college-major #career-counseling #politics #international-relations #political-campaigns

Sherese’s Avatar
Sherese May 25, 2016 2313 views

Is psycology considered to be a social science or behavioral science?

I keep finding so many mixed answers on this, and I want to see what is the right one. #science #psychology #social-sciences #behavioral-science

anne’s Avatar
anne May 13, 2016 811 views

What kind of jobs can I get if I get a graduate degree in cognitive psychology?

I am really interested in cognitive psychology but I don't know if I will be able to find a job I am interested in with a salary that I can live off of. The work I would like to do is scientific studies/experiments . #psychology #cognitive-psychology #cognitive-science #clinical-trials...

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Sep 14, 2016 1005 views

Does every Psychology major necessarily need graduate school?

I am currently debating on attending graduate school and continuing my education for a Master's Degree. My main concern is that if I decide to not further do my education will it make things harder for myself in the long run to land a job. However, I understand that by getting your Masters you...