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Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Sep 01, 2017 846 views

What should I expect by majoring in Biology?

I'm asking this question because I want to ensure that Biology is the right major for me and this major will directly affect my career path in the future. I don't want to go to college for four years and waste my parents money on a major I don't like or isn't a good fit for me. By the way not...

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Sep 01, 2017 641 views

How does one find a job as a marine biologist?

I'm going to school for marine biology. #marinebiology #biology

Cassandra’s Avatar
Cassandra Oct 27, 2016 2215 views

Is it hard to be a biology major in college?

I want to major in biology and I heard it was a difficult course #science #biology #marine-biology

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly May 24, 2016 2330 views

What is the difference between a B.A.S. and a B.S.?

I am interested in going for my bachelors in some sort of science since I am interested in becoming a marine biologist. I was advised by many people that it is better to have a degree in the sciences rather than specifically marine biology/oceanography. I have looked around at the difference...

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Oct 21, 2016 699 views

What is the job market for marine biologists going to be like in the next 10-20 years?

I'm asking this mainly because I'm interested in a lot of potential majors. I'm a high school senior, and I have really good grades. However, I can't seem to pick out a major because I like the idea of doing so many of them. I've always had exceptional grades in Biology so I was wondering how...

krystine’s Avatar
krystine May 14, 2016 702 views

What else is involved in marine biology besides research?

As much as I love research and would love to have my own study, I do not want to be studying and doing research as a career. What is beyond it? #science #marine #oceanography

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan May 13, 2016 515 views

Would a masters degree be needed to find a good job in marine biology?

I will be an under grad studying this at the university of Maine in orono #marine-biology

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Oct 27, 2016 661 views

If I take a Biology course, how to I transfer that to a Marine Biology course and have many Minors?

I'm a small town senior getting ready to graduate and I don't really have anyone to help me prepare for college. I know I have to get a bachelors in Biology and then somehow 'specialize' in Marine but I also want to major in oceanography and engineering. I want to get my PhD so that I can...