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Career Questions tagged Animal Rescue

Theo’s Avatar
Theo Aug 10 60 views

What’s the empowering aspect of vet medicine?

What was the moment you knew, or had thought to yourself, “yup, I was made to do this job.” What is the thing that keeps you getting up every morning and keeps you going? The pay? The patients? Coworkers? Coffee?

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Mar 01 254 views

What are good colleges for marine biology and animal behavior?

I’ve always loved animals and I am interested to know which colleges are best for animal lovers- marine biology, zoology, animal behavior, animal science, etc.

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Oct 19, 2016 731 views

If I want to medically assist exotic animals in the future, where is the best place to go to learn how to do so?

This is what I want to do when I am older, so I need to know where I can get the best education so I can do the best job possible. #veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #marine-biology #animal-health #animal-rescue #animal-conservation #animal-welfare

Maribel’s Avatar
Maribel May 04, 2016 898 views

What are the difficulties of being a veterinarian?

I'm thinking about being a veterinarian and I don't know if I fully know much about it. #biology #health #veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animal-health #animal-rescue

Haevyn’s Avatar
Haevyn Oct 28, 2015 2133 views

What college should I go to if I want to be a vet?

I love animals and always have. I want to know because I loved role playing a vet with my toys and pets, and I want to go to a good school that will give me a good education on how to be a vet. Thank you! #college #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animals #animal-health #animal-rescue