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Tetyana Osenyak

teacher at U-GRO Learning Centres
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
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Dominique Mar 26, 2014 1547 views

Compensation for Nurse and Teachers

How much does a nurse make compared to a teacher? If the difference is huge by how much? #career #teaching #compensation #social-impact

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 1832 views

How strongly should the financial aspect of a career impact what I decide to study?

I have a love of theater, specifically being backstage rather than acting, but I know it is a very shaky business both in terms of job availability and financial stability. My plan for college would be to either double major in theater and a more established major, probably a physical science,...

Jamie ’s Avatar
Jamie Apr 30, 2014 4059 views

do you think it is smarter to go to community college first or to a university first?

i am going to college next year and i am just not quite sure which to pick #teaching #teacher #colleges #principal #friends #community #parents